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27 October 2012 @ 5:58 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Dear Din,

Assalamualaikum. Awak, kita nak mintak maaf. Kita memang tak layak dapat awak. Kita dah cuba nak betulkan semuanya semula. Tapi kita gagal (': Awak, jagalah diri awak macam mana awak jaga kita dulu. Kejarlah cita-cita awak, carilah perempuan yang baik & soleha macam awak. Kita teruk. Kita bukan yang macam awak inginkan. Kita kejam dalam bercinta. Kita dah gagal dalam dunia kita ditikam perangai sendiri. Awak, awak lah dunia kita, awak lah cahaya, awak lah cinta, awak lah kebahagiaan, awak lah hala tuju kita, awak lah pertunjuk kita, awak lah hidup kita, awak lah abang, awak lah kawan, awak lah jiwa kita awak segala-galanya bagi kita (': And now I'd lost everything I have cause I'm not appreciated it. I don't know what to do and I hate myself for being too fool. I know it's my fault because I choose my own path. There's nothing can I do instead of trying. And now I've give up. Now I know whats love meaning. You're the one who instruct me the meaning of loving and life (': Thanks awak sebab pernah jadi sebahagian dari hidup kita. I feels like blind today and I've nothing much to say. Terima kasih kerana pernah mengukir pelangi dalam hidup kita. I wish I could forget all I'd been through in my life and reborn as a new baby who know nothing about life (': No hard feelings, no hurting, no sad, no sacrifice, everybody will happy. And all I knew, is broken. Goodbye for now. ILoveyou as much as I can. No words in the dictionary can describe. Fly superman fly away from me as I willing. Much love xo

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